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Why We Choose Hiab Vehicles

Why We Choose Hiab Vehicles

Hiab is a Finnish manufacturer of lorry-mounted cranes, and is considered a world leader in the crane industry. Hiab cranes are renowned for their precision, reliability and speed, and are highly suitable for loading, unloading and moving large-scale materials, equipment and boats and marine craft. The cranes also can be programmed for movements, which prevents the crane boom hitting overhead electrical wires or to avoid working in areas where it can obstruct traffic or movement.

Hiab cranes come equipped with a hydraulic valve, which allows the crane to handle high tonnage per minute. As a result, the crane is fast and suitable for quick and efficient loading and unloading. Hiab vehicles are considered ideal where time is of essence and speed is important.

Why We Choose Hiab Vehicles?

At Machinery Installations Ltd., we understand that our clients want their goods and items to be transported or moved without damage and as quickly as possible. Hiab vehicles have the ability to lift excessive weights without a problem and transport them seamlessly on their bed. Coupled with our highly-skilled and efficient team, we choose Hiab vehicles to offer an unparalleled service to our clients.

Due to our efficient and highly trained team alongside our Hiab vehicles, we have managed to create a niche for ourselves in the industry. We are renowned for our wide range of services, and have the ability to move and relocate just about anything.

Container Loading Services

We use Hiab vehicles and our team of highly skilled personnel to lift and dismantle machinery in order to ensure secure storage before containerisation and machine transportation. Using Hiab vehicles and other appropriate machinery, we can dismantle, transport and reassemble machinery very quickly to minimise production losses.

Machinery Relocation

When you want to relocate or remove machinery, you can rely on Machinery Installations Ltd. to provide you with a quick, efficient and seamless service. Even during the relocation process, we employ Hiab vehicles to lift and transport loads of different sizes to an array of locations.

If you are still wondering why we choose Hiab vehicles, it is because we want to offer our customers the best service possible in the quickest available time. Our Hiab vehicles allow us to offer prompt and efficient service, regardless of the type of machinery or equipment you want transported or relocated. Get in touch today to find out more or to arrange for our team and our range of Hiab vehicles to complete work for you.