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The mighty HIAB

The mighty HIAB

HIAB is one of the wonders of the crane industry and can be witnessed working with speed and efficiency loading and unloading all manner of heavy equipment, materials or vehicles. HIAB is a name synonymous with meticulous accuracy, quickness and dependability. They are also capable of lifting tremendous weights with ease and are programmable to work in the most challenging environments.

For these reasons, we at Machinery Installation Ltd. choose to offer HIAB hire to our customers because we know that with these machines we will get the job done correctly and on time.

How we use HIAB cranes

Moving large machinery requires a robust crane. We use HIAB cranes to lift and dismantle large machines so they can be stored and then loaded into containers before transportation. As well as HIAB hire, we also provide a Forklift hire service to carry out other tasks in the dismantling and reassembling of machinery. Our expert and knowledgeable team have a wide range of tools at their disposal to ensure your operations are back running in the quickest possible time.

Relocation with HIAB

Moving and relocating machinery is a complicated process that requires skill and planning. We use HIAB vehicles for machinery location because of their ability to lift and move different sized materials in all manner of situations.

If you would like to know more about how a HIAB vehicle, or Forklift hire, can help you with your machinery relocation needs, then call our team today to arrange your HIAB hire.