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The Definitive Guide To Your Factory Relocation

The Definitive Guide To Your Factory Relocation

Moving to a new premises is stressful for companies in every sector, not least factories. The key to a successful relocation is preparation, and the best way to be prepared is to follow a checklist.

Initial Preparation

  • Make sure you have a clear and complete view of the layout of your new premises and all necessary drawings, paperwork and photographs are prepared according to your moving needs. A specific view of your layout design will allow you to set up quickly in your new facility and ensure everything is moved and installed according to priority.
  • Make sure you hire a reputable and experienced machinery moving company, who understands the specific needs of your operation, and the necessary handling of your equipment.


  • Make a list of every piece of equipment that needs to be moved. Make sure your list is accurate and includes your oversized equipment such as industrial chimneys, furnaces, product lines etc. as well as your smaller electrical equipment and furniture. Spot check your list to ensure that no item is missed so that you have the best chance of not leaving anything behind.
  • Write a review of each piece of equipment within your factory and take not of its function, its condition and its location within your new premises. Make sure to include detailed information such as the dimensions, maintenance records and technical data so it is all on hand when you need it.

As long as you hire a machinery relocations firm that you can trust and who has the resources available to meet your specific needs your move should run smoothly. Here at Paul Taylor Machinery Installations Ltd we have years of experience undergoing extensive factory relocations and our team offers a second to none level of care and attention to detail. For more information or to discuss your options get in touch with our team today.