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Relocation: How we lift, dismantle and reassemble

Relocation: How we lift, dismantle and reassemble

Whether you’re moving an entire factory or a piece of critical machinery, you need the assurance that the firm you hire will have sufficient experience to counter any problems that may arise. At Machinery Installations Ltd., we are experts in the lifting, dismantling, relocation and reassembly of all sorts of industrial equipment and machinery.

Risk Assessment

Before we begin any lifting or dismantling, we first conduct a thorough and meticulous site survey. This allows us to understand the types of lifting and machinery relocation vehicles will be required. It also enables us to understand the terrain and conditions we will be operating in and therefore make allowances for any difficulties. Once we determine these factors, we can assign our task force to complete the job as efficiently and safely as possible.


When dismantling plant equipment or heavy and awkward machinery, we take great care to ensure that the items are well packed and secured safely. We have the skills and expertise to dismantle almost anything, from machinery to production lines. With our extensive fleet of lifting vehicles, including forklifts and mobile cranes, we can always hand dismantling projects efficiently.


When the dismantled items have been transported to their new location, we complete our full end-to-end service by reassembling them. Our qualified teams’ primary objective is to have your machinery, production line or factory up and running with the minimum of disruption and cost to you.

If you have any machinery lifting or dismantling needs, then get in touch with the West Midlands leading machinery moving and installation firm.