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Moving Marine Boats and Crafts: The Bigger the Better

Moving Marine Boats and Crafts: The Bigger the Better

At Machinery Installations Ltd we have the equipment and the staff to deal with some of the biggest tasks and these can be some of the most ambitious but rewarding jobs to undertake. As part of our range of services we offer to transport boats and other marine crafts whether it be locally or on an international scale.

Due to being some of the largest relocations that we do, our staff are educated to the highest level concerning the equipment that we use to make sure the machinery, the craft and also the staff themselves are safe and protected. We do not shy away from a challenge, and with some boats and marine crafts needed in awkward and obscure locations our ‘can do’ attitude is highly beneficial. We enjoy a challenge so do not be afraid to get in touch and see if we can fulfil your moving needs.

Using a variety of techniques and pieces of machinery such as cranes and hoists as well as large vehicles used for the transportation, we are able to carry out these types of moves with precision and care to make sure that the craft arrives in its destination just as it was handed over to us.

We understand that it is a huge deal to trust us with your boat because those days out at sea are priceless, so we promise to take the up most care whilst admiring your pride and joy. We may be slightly jealous of the vessel by the end of the journey but that’s only natural.

So if think you have a task for us that has been too much to handle for someone else? Try us, we are sure to exceed your expectations. Contact us today on 01922 743 187.