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Hiring a Mobile Crane for Lifting Heavy Machinery

Hiring a Mobile Crane for Lifting Heavy Machinery

Is your business expanding and relocating a factory to new premises? Or do have an obsolete machine you need removing? If you do, you’ll need a team that can do all of the heavy lifting for you with mobile crane hire from Machine Installation. We have become of the premier machine moving companies in the Midlands and are experts in mobile cranes, dismantling, factory relocation and machinery installation. In this article, we will highlight how our experience and standing within the industry can help you make light work of lifting heavy machinery.

Mobile crane and HIAB hire

At Machinery Installation, we have a variety of cranes for all manner of applications. In our fleet are telescopic cranes which are ideal if you have machinery that needs lifting and relocating on a busy construction site. We operate all-terrain cranes for relocation in areas where the ground may be uneven, soft or particularly challenging.

Alongside these cranes we also use HIAB truck mounted cranes for lifting, dismantling and relocating. HIAB cranes are hugely adaptable, sturdy and perfect for moving single machines or an entire factory of machinery. We provide hire for Hiab cranes because when machines need moving, we understand it has to be achieved safely, efficiently and correctly; HIAB trucks deliver this effortlessly.

Dismantling and lifting

When undertaking any dismantling or lifting work, it is essential first to carry out a detailed and thorough site assessment. Moving heavy machinery is fraught with potential danger, so we take every precaution to ensure it is done correctly. After years of working with different industries to move machinery, we have become extremely adept at dismantling and packing. We have the capability to dismantle almost any type of machinery, from single items to complete production lines.

Machinery transport

The key to effective, efficient and safe machinery transport is planning every aspect of the journey thoroughly; from being lifted on the truck to relocation at the new premises. Our fleet of vehicles is also regularly maintained for maximum efficiency. We will have pre-arranged routes that we will use for the relocation of any bulky goods and forklift drivers on hand to offload upon arrival. When relocating factories or machines, it is critical to use a crane hire company with the appropriate knowledge and experience. By doing so, you minimise the risk of any problems arising.

Factory relocation

At Machinery Installation, we are proud to boast that we can and will move almost anything. Our comprehensive end-to-end service can perform relocation locally, nationally or even internationally. No matter how abnormal the load or challenging the location it is being moved to, our team and fleet of vehicles will work quickly without compromising safety. We can provide copies of all our vehicle documentation and are fully insured for the relocation of machinery.

Machinery installation

After successfully lifting, dismantling and relocating your machinery, we will conclude our comprehensive service by reassembling and installing it in its new location. We possess a team of highly skilled individuals who will offload and reassemble as quickly as possible. Our main aim is to have your operations back online quickly to lessen the disruption to your operations.

If you have any heavy machinery that requires lifting, dismantling and relocating, contact our friendly sales team. We will arrange a site visit to evaluate the challenges involved and provide a free quote.