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Heavy Machine Moving Walsall

Heavy Machine Moving Walsall

Moving heavy machinery yourself isn’t just dangerous, it can also be literally impossible without the right equipment for the job. With large machinery such as factory equipment, it’s not simply a case of loading gear onto the back of a truck. Sensitive and expensive equipment worth many thousands of pounds needs to be transported by professionals who know what they’re doing so that floors, buildings, the item itself and personnel remain unharmed. Here at Machinery Installations Ltd, we’re highly experienced in machine moving Walsall and pride ourselves on having the industry acumen required to move just about anything.

The first stage of a moving process is our comprehensive site survey. Arguably the most important stage in moving heavy machinery, our surveyors take everything into consideration including the size, shape and weight of the item to be moved, its location and the equipment/personnel required. Once this is complete, we provide a thorough cost breakdown to ensure there are no hidden extras.

Here at Machinery Installations, we’ve moved some unique items in the past using specialist vehicles such as our mobile cranes. Our experience moving marine and air craft (including helicopters) has allowed us to learn the intricate processes which guarantee that valuable machinery is transported harmlessly.

Furthermore we also undertake factory relocation where required. Such a task is a massive project which requires a huge number of resources. Aside from the actual moving process, companies are required to purchase adequate insurance and source risk assessments and method statements. Here at Machinery Installations, we take care of all of these ourselves as standard.

Whether you require machine moving Walsall from an awkward location or wide open space, to be transported a few miles or worldwide, Machinery Installations can help. For more information regarding how, explore our website or get in touch over the phone to discuss your options.