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Electric Forklifts vs. Gas Forklifts

Electric Forklifts vs. Gas Forklifts

Within every working environment there will be certain tools and appliances that you’ll require to ensure that you can get the job at hand completed in an efficient, safe and reliable manner. Working in a busy factory or warehouse with various pallets that need manoeuvring around, it’s likely that you’ll heavily rely on a forklift Leicester. Here at Machinery Installations, we can supply factories throughout Leicester and the surrounding areas with a wide choice of forklifts, including gas and electric.

Below is a guide to the benefits of each model, so that when it comes to purchasing or hiring a forklift, you can be certain of making an informed decision.


An electric forklift is often seen as the more economical forklift, due to there being no emissions. However, the downside of the power of an electric forklift is that it isn’t the fastest forklift available and the charging of the battery can take a considerable amount of time.

Not only does the electric model have low emissions, but compared to the gas forklift, it has fewer moving parts, therefore meaning less maintenance and on average a longer lifespan of the model, meaning it’s more value for money.

It’s worth noting however, that this form of forklift is suited best for factory use only, as its capacity is often less than 5 tonnes. For those that require a forklift for more rough terrain or for heavier loads, then the gas model may be ideal.


Along with being able to withstand a higher capacity than their electric counterparts, gas forklifts available from us here at Machinery Installations also have the added benefit of being suitable to be used in a variety of locations, from factories through to construction sites – whatever your need for a forklift, the gas model will be able to handle most of the jobs you throw at it – and it doesn’t take long to refuel between jobs.
Whatever you require a forklift Leicester for, and whatever model you believe will be more suited to the task at hand; here at Machinery Installations we’ll be able to provide you with it. For more information about any of our forklifts, contact us via our online enquiry form.