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The Advantages of Crane Hire

The Advantages of Crane Hire

When working within a factory environment, it’s likely that from time to time you’ll be required to lift heavy machinery from one location to another. Unfortunately to do this in a safe manner requires the use of heavy lifting machinery, which isn’t always a viable option. If this is currently the case for your business, here at Machinery Installations we can assist, with our crane hire Birmingham service.

Through our dedication and experience within the machinery industry, we’ve been providing factories throughout Birmingham with the ideal crane for the job at hand. Whether it’s a crane which is capable of lifting heavy equipment off a vehicle or can transport machinery from one area of the factory to another, we’ll be able to provide the right crane for the job.

Our crane hire service doesn’t only provide you with the advantage of being able to move the appliances safely and securely as and when you need to, but also has other benefits for your business including:

  • Being Cost Effective – Within a factory environment you can never be certain if and when you’ll need to lift/load/unload heavy equipment, which often means it isn’t always cost effective to purchase machinery outright. However, with our crane hire service you can carry out the job at hand as and when required.
  • No Service Fees – As with used trucks, a crane will require a service on an annual basis to ensure that it’s in a safe condition. By hiring a crane from us, you have the added benefit of getting a reliable, high quality and safe appliance whenever required, without having to pay for regular servicing and repair work – again saving your business money.

Here at Machinery Installations we’ve been providing a variety of customers throughout the Birmingham area with an unbeatable crane hire service. Not only will our crane hire Birmingham see your business save money in the long run, but we’re also able to offer expert, impartial and honest advice on which crane would be best for your needs. For more information contact our team on 01922 743187.